Business Opportunity

So many people are living their habitual lives without essential oils. They are the 99%.

  • Imagine a world where everyone is feeling blissful and empowered knowing they can work through emotions, pains, ailments and obstacles with essential oils
  • Imagine a life that just ‘feels easy’ because we’re doing it with the oils, share your journey to help others!
  • Imagine only 1% of the population is using essential oils! I was surprised to learn this! So many of my friends use the oils I didn’t realize we were all in the 1%. Pretty special. It’s up to us to get the word out there.


So why keep it a secret?

I was a closet user of dōTERRA for 2 years before I decided to create a business out of it. Of course I bought the enrollment kit and had a little shop set up – however – I remained a closet user and let myself get in the way of an amazing opportunity. My biggest fear was that people would find it annoying that I was talking about the oils because they already know about them. Wow – to discover only 1% of human beings utilize the benefits of essential oils was astounding to me. It was like a light switch flicked on when I was told this – and that was very recently – so now I am making up for lost time and covering as much ground as possible – sharing why I love the oils in my life for so long.

Having fears is a natural process and we all have them when we start something new so the best step is to identify what the fears actually are, acknowledge them, ask questions and get some answers. I’m here to support you personally each step of the way and you can join our collective group to ask unlimited questions – as many as possible – so we can all share and learn from experience.

When your kit arrives, naturally you will be excited and you’ll get off to a flying start loving on these oils – that’s a given. So the plan is – use the momentum and get sharing about your new oil’perturnity. Like me, some people have been using essential oils from a young age. Others haven’t heard of the concept. You don’t have to do any selling to anyone – in my experience it is all about the sharing. Sharing of information and sharing the oils.

The oils weren’t sold to me when I began using them early in my teenage years. My mama always had lavender and tea tree in the house – I wanted other scents – I discovered the difference between fragrance oils and essential oils – by trail and error really – I was pretty young. I’ve been loving on essential oils since the early 90’s – so up until a few years ago I was on the hunt – looking for:

  • the best quality (I’m particular and I appreciate a ‘clean’ oil)
  • consistent range of essential oils on the market (I want the one brand to carry all the oils I want)
  • buying local
  • sustainable product for my home use
  • labels that last (yes judging a book by it’s cover as it may seem – I find that a crap bottle / reducer / labeling can actually reduce the shelf life of the oil – I’m particular)
  • value for money (I want to know I’m getting an awesome deal)
  • I wanted to learn about the oils and their origins: I couldn’t find this information from store bought oils

For me, I am doing a service to myself for using the oils  and I am of service to others when I share the properties and benefits of the oils. I’ll load up a little sample jar for my friends and family so they can experience relief from their illness or ailments too. So by letting them know what I’m doing right now (normal) and what I love in my life right now (normal social discussion topics) – I’ve recently felt more and more like I would doing a dis service to others by not telling them about how a specific oil could benefit their life – as it has my own. I am of service to others by having little sampler bottles ready so I can send off little potions with my friends and family. So fun. So worthwhile. So fulfilling.

In any case, it’s an easy natural decision for anyone who is attracted to a healthy lifestyle of empowerment to choose to embark on a journey with the oils – whether they create a business out of it or use them for home use. I’ve been buying essential oils since the 90’s – though only using them to their full potential in the last 3 years – I’m using them more because I know how to! Once you are grabbing the oils for all different uses around the house, however you choose – it’s impossible not to love them and connecting with other people who are using them too.

Whether you choose to shop for oils singularly or create a business using the oils or utilizing the oils in your existing clinic or practice – choose a wholesale kit with in your budget so that you have abundant oils to choose from – having a broad selection will really give you some insight into how we can all use the oils in our every day life – it won’t be long before you are reaching for them constantly. It’s an exciting and beautiful fragrant life and it’s exciting to share this opportunity with you!


Special Offer For You, To Kick Start Your Business!

Along the way, I feel I’ve been able to pave an easy path and make some smooth landings with essential oils. I’ve found Wild Orange to be especially helpful through my journey creating a business with dōTERRA – Wild Orange specifically targets Abundance – it swings us back into our power and alignment with Abundance on many levels. I found the journey with this oil to be profound, as with other citrus – some amazing expansion and learnings. So for all those reasons – I would love to offer you this oil as a bonus to your new collection, for you to journey with too.

How To Claim Your Free Wild Orange Oil Today

Your mini Wild Orange will be on your way to you in the post – simply click here to sign up for your free account and access essential oils bulk wholesale prices. Follow the prompts and choose WHOLESALE – you will then be invited to choose an enrollment kit. This is the way you get more oils for less so you can really immerse yourself in this unique and healthy lifestyle.

Once you have selected your enrollment kit and processed your payment – you will move into the next phase where you can access and refer your own online shop to sell your oils. Your friends can sign up through your shop or buy oils singularly from you on your order – just make sure you let your friends know a week before you make your order so they can order with you!

Once you have completed the payment process you will be given an ID number. Email me directly with your new dōTERRA ID,  name and address and I will personally send your mini oil abundance package to you in the post! It will be great to hear from you and I look forward to corresponding and bouncing all your dōTERRA business ideas with you!

>>This offer is available with love, joy and happy happy from now until NYE 2017

Wild Orange gift from me to you is Congratulations for making an amazing choice for yourself, your family and your future. Creating an account with dōTERRA could be one of the most delightful things you’ve ever done!


Get Your Oils Business Cranking With This “On The Side” Idea!

Remember earlier I mentioned the 99% of people who are not exposed to or using essential oils? These busy people often do their work and shopping online – perhaps to busy to go to a class or get exposed to the oils through any of their business networks let alone get to a massage treatment – yoga or body work, somewhere they would inhale the benefits of essential oils. So we need to get the word out and share the oils with as many people as possible so that more and more people can enjoy their beautiful life.

Once you start using the oils, it’s time to share your experience! Of course you will be sharing with the friends you see, how about the rest of the world? Everyone can benefit from the oils you are sharing. The best way to get maximum exposure is by sharing your experiences online. Start documenting your processes with the oils. What have you been using them for -what’s coming up for you?

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