How To Use Essential Oils


Straight from the bottle!


Lot’s of oils can be applied to the skin – best to double check before you do! Always mix with a carrier oil like Sweet Almond oil or Apricot Kernel Oil. Some people choose Fractionated Coconut Oil. Personally I use and love Jojoba Oil which is a light and nourishing seed wax that is grown spray free in Australia


Use the culinary oils in cooking or salad dressings – Integrate into your daily life with a great new habit – flick on the diffuser with the kettle in the morning and start your day off real good. Lemon is a great one for wakey face in the morning – so is tea tree – blend them together for a fresh start. (The home essentials kit pictured below includes both Lemon and Tea Tree so you can get fresh face from the day your kit arrives!) Happy Happy!

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The Unique Frequency Of Essential Oils

Each oil has its own unique frequency. When we use the oils our body acts and reacts in different ways as our own unique frequency comes back in to alignment. I say ‘back into alignment’ because the secret of the oils are, when an oil calls to you to be sniffed or dripped into the diffuser – that oil is calling you for a reason. It’s like craving certain foods – there’s (usually) something in the food that your body wants. There’s oils that can suppress appetite – even oils that will stimulate it. There’s oils to lift a grief, there’s oils to accentuate joy and pure bliss. There has been marvelous work done to bring us the oils and the emotions associated with them. Through the deeper knowledge and wisdom brought forth – we can align our lives with natures frequency – the way we remember


Blending Essential Oils

To use a mixture of different oils together in a blend is powerfully stimulating and delightful! Finding scents that match and carry each other together – harmonizing with one another – while at the same time allowing each oil in the mix to stand out in its own unique individuality,, it’s certainly a fine art. I’ve made some deliciously inspiring blends that I keep coming back to – I’ve also had some really intense shockers. Just like cooking. Sometimes it’s good to stick to a recipe. I like to wing it in the kitchen. Perceived failure is only feedback about what to do different next time. So the best advice would be to get to know each of the oils on an intimate level individually before mixing them together.

Get some ideas by checking out the ingredients of all the yummy premix blends available.



Essential Oils On The Go

Take the oils with you in the tiny dropper bottles. Create your own blends and perfumes directly into the tiny dropper bottle. When you take the lid off and and turn it upside down, gently tap the bottom of the bottle to eject miniature drips of oil onto your skin, into your food or diffuser.

Another option is roll on. Pour your carrier oil into the the roller bottle. Add a few drops of your favourite oil to take with you on the go.

If you get headaches, a mixture of peppermint and lavender is a relieving mix for your roller bottle.

For a fragrant perfume I enjoy Ylang Ylang, Lavender, Patchouli – perhaps a drop of Geranium if I’m feeling especially floral. I’ll be sharing more about the blends I love in future posts



Essential Oils Diffusers

To enjoy the oils in the most economical way (other than inhaling straight from the bottle) we choose Essential Oil diffusers. The diffuser works when you pour water into the chamber of the unit and add a drop of your essential oil into the water. When the lid is on and machine is set to operate, a cool mist rises from the hole at the top of the diffuser. The mist carries the oils scent and properties around the room to cleanse, clear and evoke fresh feelings and emotions through the gifts each essential oil brings.

Most essential oil diffusers have settings. You can choose a timer and sometimes a light. The petal diffuser has a 4 hour setting and a 2 hour setting. You can choose the Petals lights to be on or off (perfect as a night light for the kids room with a soothing blend) The Petal Diffuser is pictured above (lucky me it only comes in my favourite colour – purple!)

The diffuser can be put in any room, it is easier to have at least 2 diffusers so you don’t have to keep moving the one from your bed room all around the house. So it’s wise to own 2.


Double Uses For Diffusers!

  • kids relaxing night light – sorted
  • living area for bliss and chill vibes
  • office space – invigorating vibes
  • bedroom – night light next to the bed / relaxing blend

Feel free to browse the diffusers in the sidebar – you can choose from room diffuser, office diffuser (USB activated) and car vent scent clip awesome. Our link will take you to the amazon shop where you can choose from many style of essential oil diffusers.

NOTE ABOUT AMAZON: You will see the opportunities to buy a diffuser with oils included on amazon. The oils on amazon are not essential oils and certainly not therapeutic grade. We only recommend to use the oils advertised on this website. Do not buy oils from amazon.

If you want to buy a diffuser with essential oils included, please register and choose a kit from the selection. You have options depending on your budget. We recommend to get as many oils as you can for as much as your budget allows at this time. So if you want oils – get these:


Essential Oils With Food

Add delicious flavour to your meals. Asian stir fry can benefit from cilantro and ginger and lemongrass. Warming spices can be added to Indian Curry and Kitchari.


I love a drop of lemon with fresh lemon juice on my avo smash. Grapefruit can be added to soda water for a fragrant zesty sherbet vibe. The opportunities are endless – except of course if the oil is not to be consumed. Always check the label before ingesting internally or adding to food.