Essential Oils and Uses: PLAY DOUGH!

Yesterday the 2 year old was a moody and irritable, perhaps defiant. I remember one of my oldest friends telling me about how she calmed her kids with essential oils and uses lavender in the play dough to chill them out before their nap.

It was my moment of truth!

Finally my kid is old enough to love play dough – let’s get this party started!

I found it pretty easy to get a play dough recipe online – so all we need to do from there is add some drops of the oils we’re working with or want to work with to achieve a specific outcome. I wanted chilled relaxed kid so I was going with Lavender no matter what. To the ratio of about 500 grams of flour – I used about 6 drops of lavender, a few drops of the digestive blend and a few of tea tree as the antibacterial component.  I gave her a scone cutter, a mini cake spatula and half the play dough all in a deep tin and she loved it. I went off looking for something in the spare room and got side tracked – pretty soon I realized it was all a little too quiet out in play area – anyone with kids knows when it’s too quiet they’re up to something so I raced out and there she was – loving life with play dough in it – and it was all still in the tin! I was amazed with the noticeable change in her behaviour. While playing with the play dough she was calm, singing a little song, talking about cutting and patting – right up until nap time when I rolled all the play dough together – gave her half of it and went off to wrap the other half to save in the fridge. At that point she criiiiied – then went off to bed and slept soundly for 4 hours straight without her usual drink. WOW.

Sometimes as a busy mama we gotta think outside the box with the essential oils and uses that perhaps at first, we don’t expect to be as effective as they are! Play dough is such a fun way to enjoy the oils – it’s extremely gentle and allows subtle inhalations through play.

Tired unmotivated kids can benefit from tea tree oil, lemon oils, mandarin oils

Snotty kids can benefit from tea tree oil and the protective bend (on guard)

Wild and crazy kids can benefit from Lavender and a drop of Vetiver

Share in the comments below what oils you’d like to use in your aroma dough!

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