Clary Sage Benefits

Clary Sage is one of the first oils I bought after the home essentials kit and petal diffuser. I love the clean fresh aroma. Clary Sage is a biennial or perennial herb that grows up to six feet in height.

Clary Sage is the bringer of flow

It’s an essential essential oil for women – in my experience, it really allows woman to connect in with her womb and flow. It can also assist to reduce nervous or anxious tensions, regulate the menstrual cycle and bring spiritual clarity. Clary Sage features as a main component of my Sacred Blood Blend.




Mixed with Ylang Ylang, Clary Sage gives me a freedom in the free flowing of my creativity. At my moon time, I use a mix of Lavender and Clary Sage to reduce the cramping in my womb and to also relax my muscles and body tensions. When I apply Clary Sage over my womb area on the first day of my bleed, I am creating a conscious alignment so my frequency will flow and embody the creativity of the 3rd day of my bleed (3rd day dreaming / 3rd day magic woman)

Speaking of blood – one of my friends came over yesterday –


  • Hasn’t bled for 7 weeks
  • Convinced body is pregnant
  • Would prefer body to bleed
  • In town for specialist appointment the following day for tests
  • Visibly stressed and concerned for the outcome

Immediately I heard Clary calling from a few meters away. I felt into the remedy for my friend which presented as:

  • 1 drop in the hands
  • rubbed together to warm the oil and activate
  • hands cupped over the face
  • 3 long deep inhalations
  • exaggerated exhalations to release (real’ease)

I arose around 7 the next morning – my friend had slept in her camper van and arisen much earlier than me – she had amazing news!!

  1. Dreamed of Clary Sage all night long
  2. Woke up thinking about Clary Sage benefits and the deep inhalations

She said she felt compelled to ask for another drop to do the deep inhalations again (!!!) This is the kind of news that makes my work so worthwhile!! To be blessed with the opportunity and empowerment to help my friend and to send her off with a little mini dropper bottle of her Clary Sage remedy to use when she feels called to bring on her flow.
“Are going to write a blog post about me?” she asks,

What a great idea! I believe I will!
(knows me so well!) 😉

It’s amazingly full filling to be able to confidently help some one close to me. It’s extremely empowering and rewarding to reap the rewards the oils bring to us, you’ll notice even more Clary Sage benefits when you use the oil yourself. I feel honored and blessed to share these oils with family and friends and you can easily do it too.

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