Essential Oils and Uses: Antiseptic

Oils Can Be Used For Their Antiseptic Qualities!

Tea Tree is the widest known natural antiseptic oil in most house holds – there are many uses for tea tree oil besides the mop bucket or cleaning in the kitchen or bathroom. Good quality tea tree essential oils from a known source can be diluted and applied to the skin

Cuts and Grazes:

Cuts and grazes can be cleaned with Tea Tree oil. Today I treated a painful cut on my foot with tea tree – the aroma is strong and so are the antiseptic qualities. An hour later and it isn’t as red and painful as it was before. I imagine the tea tree flows into the cut like a wave of cleanliness, cleaning out the gunk so my wound can heal


One drop of tea tree essential oil can be spread over several bites. Dilute for use on the kids – use a spritzer of water with several drops of jojoba, a few of lavender, tea tree oil and peppermint oil for a soothing spray for the family. This spray is an awesome one to have in the car or in your picnic basket.


One drop of tea tree can be dripped under the nail to treat fungus. Tea tree can also be used on splinters caught in the hands and feet.

Tinea Toes:

Use a dozen drops of tea tree into a shot glass of jojoba. Use the oil after showering in the morning and again at night time after your shower and again before bed.


One drop of Tea tree can be used on a warm wet flannel to cleanse and tone the face – avoid the eye area. Rinse with water afterwards and follow with a drop of frankincense in your preferred carrier to follow. Imagine the benefits of tea tree flushing away all the little impurities that hang out on the skin – like a hygienic mop!

Affirmation: “Every day I look and feel younger”


Tea tree is an astringent and used for toning and cleaning the bacteria from the skin. It is best used at the beginning of the skin care routine. Stop using any foaming agents on the acne. Oil combats oil. If the skin is oily Jojoba can be a soothing for the skin. In my experience, Jojoba has penetrated the blemish areas of the skin, hardening the core in the follicle – allowing it to be released easier from the pore, without transferring the infection to other broken skin. Litsea can also benefit the healing process of acne –

Affirmation: “I love and respect myself”

Mouth Ulcers:

1 drop of On Guard applied directly to the mouth ulcer after brushing teeth at night. Wash mouth out with water and

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