Essential Oils and Uses: Bio Impedance

Energetics in our every day life is a huge topic so let’s touch on how to know what oil we need and when.There are probably more than 3 ways to do this, you get the idea:

  1. Bio Impedance Frequency Reader, matched to the oils
  2. Kinesiology – muscle testing
  3. Use your body as a pendulum – get answers
  4. Intuitive Oil Readings
  5. Aromatic Selection – get down to the health food shop and sniff some testers!
  6. Selected oils for use during body work and transformational facilitated healing treatments enhances the experience with the oils. To be free to go deep into the aromas as the oils are worked into the body via our largest organ, the skin – we can go deeper and really feel the benefits. I know I do.

Today I was blessed yet again to journey with the frequency reader. I hold it in my hand while the technology calibrates. To discover what oils I can journey with in the session of massage and Bowen Therapy. I arrived with a 3 day discomfort in my lower back and inflexibility in my left hip. The oils that came up for me today are:

  • Peppermint – to uplift
  • Cilantro – to clear through stagnation and old patters and beliefs
  • Wild Orange – to clear through any blockages with abundance – interestingly enough, held in the lower back

I’ve been having these bio impedance readings combined with massage and Bowen treatments, weekly, for almost 4 months. In all my experience with essential oils – the bio impedance frequency reader is the most fascinating and precise way to do a reading on oneself. To intuitively read for others is my specialty – to read for myself is a little less easy because naturally, I know I can sometimes ‘miss’ what’s actually in right front of me, or pass off a saga in my life being ‘not that bigger deal’ then when I journey with the oils and their frequency – it’s like the aromas that will adjust my frequency to the optimal level is at the same time holding me in a safe space to ‘work through’ my stuff – like what ever comes up during the treatment and while I’m using the oils.

The “Go To” Collection

Which ones do you use everyday? The interesting thing about these go to oils is the sense of familiarization we get with a certain oil we really like the smell of. Sometimes it will be the one or few we just keep going back to on a daily basis as a fragrance or for a purpose. For me, it’s Ylang Ylang and my sacred blood blend. I also have a little roller with 2 drops of Jasmine in it.I use this frequently on my wrists and under my ears. It’s intoxicating

At night, even though I find the smell incredibly weird – I’ve been using Lavender Peace. It’s a premixed blend (which usually I wouldn’t get because I like making my own) and the first time I sniffed it at a mates house I thought it was a lolly and I knew I had to get it on my next order. So when it arrived, I wanted to smell the lolly straight away of course – so it was the first bottle I opened (I don’t eat lollies so hey, gotta get my sniff fix) This addiction type symptom is a very clear body response that there is something in that oil that is my medicine at the moment so I listen. The one we need isn’t always the one we want – Lavender Peace.

I wasn’t sure I actually liked it. So I sniffed again. Nup. I don’t like it so I went off to do something else and I felt and urgency like I wanted to sniff it again. Sniffed it, loved it – so I put in on my skin – bad move it STUNK on me I had to wash it off. Waaaay too potent. I wondered if I wrecked the smell for good – sometimes the blends are so intense because there’s so much going on in them and our body is like, holy shit – what was that. This is one applied topically, is of those – there’s something about it being like a natural high – where you go on up into a cloud and get hugged by it. That’s the only way I can describe the Lavender Peace blend.

It’s a little bit strange to be hugged by a cloud – and beautiful too – So because it’s the restful blend, I drip 2 drops on my pillow. When I wake up in the morning, sometimes I get a light whiff of it – or it might be on my face a little. I like it…and I don’t! so I will continue to journey with it because I’ve been having an epic night sleep while using it… Besides that, my body asked for it so I’ll keep going


You Smell It – You Want It

The first sniff…. The reason why I know I must journey with that blended oil. Body response like ‘oh my goddess I must have that oil so I can sniff it all day long’ is certainly an energetic frequency response.This happens to us on a daily basis when be begin the fantasy of ‘what’s for dinner’ …

Ohh that phrase,,, I way prefer the phrase dinner’s ready – tho what’s for dinner is just as exciting if we can stretch ourselves outside of what we might surprise chef out of the pantry and the fridge – just by opening ourselves to ‘What would I eat tonight if I went out to a restaurant” is actually the best question to ask because even though you aren’t going out and you aren’t going to cook what it is you want, like, sweet potato gnocci and the Gorgonzola sauce –  the genius is your body telling you that you want a creamy sauce or a certain vegetable. Satisfying the spontaneity is actually asking our body what we really want and getting the answer…

You might already know you want a pasta with napoli sauce because you are reeeeeeeeeeaally feeling like basil in your food tonight – why is that? There’s probably something ‘overwhelming’ in life – Basil is the oil for that.

It’s Not Always About The Oil

Perhaps when someone peels a madarin and the smell is freshly alluring and captivating – suddenly you want a piece of that madarin it smells so good… This is a body response, telling you what will soften your landings and smooth your journey today so listen!

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