Essential Oils and Uses: Carrier Oils

Carrier oils are the oils that carry the essential oils. We use carrier oils to ensure that the oils are diluted before applying to the skin. Some oils are quite fine to apply straight – others need to be used with a carrier oil for safe application. The best time to add your oils to food is when another oil is with it. You can use your oils to add extra zest to salad dressings because most dressings have oil in them so it carries the flavour of the essential oils through out the food by distributing evenly through the cooking process.

Stay Out Of The Sun When Using Particular Oils!

It’s important to read the labels and get to know your oils before applying or ingesting. Citrus oils can burn the skin if the treated area is exposed to direct sunlight. Before applying the oil, make sure you are using it in the correct quantity and when in doubt of how to use essential oils – always use a carrier oil

Hot Oils! What’s That?

Some oils are hot on the skin, this means they burn. These hot oils are more suitable for inhaling. Check the properties to ensure it is suitable for diffusing. Oregano is a hot oil and a little bit can burn the skin. When taking internally it’s very important the oil is diluted so it doesn’t cause a damage the stomach lining.

So Which Carrier Oil Should I Use?

Great Question! There are many to choose from.  Depending on how the oils will be administered depends on which carrier I choose:

  • Jojoba on the skin for its light smooth quality and no aroma. Jojoba is actually a seed wax – even though it appears as a golden light oil. I like it because I don’t sweat under it even in the North Queensland Aussie summer.
  • Apricot Kernel Oil on the skin at the beach, it’s a slightly thicker oil than Jojoba I often ponder whether it retains it’s B17 properties when processed as an oil, can be used for cooking
  • Macadamia Nut Oil is a sweet oil and its quite thick. I love it for cooking and in small sections of skin
  • Olive oil – I use olive oil to carry oils into my food and salad dressings. I don’t use it on the skin because I think the smell is far too strong – just for cooking and dressings
  • Butter or ghee – I use butter as a carrier when I make icings / frostings / cakes / curries
  • Cacao butter – I use this for raw desserts and sometimes as a facial oil mixed with Frankincense and sandalwood

There are many different carriers to choose from. You can pretty much use any food grade oil with no fragrance.

Some oily’s rave about coconut oil and FCO or fractionated coconut oil. I to was an advocate for coconut oil for many years and now I am not. I have somehow developed an extreme sensitivity to it. I can still enjoy fresh coconut water and flesh from the nut but absolutely not the oil. Some say the fractionated coconut oil is not scented at all. I beg to differ. If you are sensitive like me and can smell the coconut rancidity from a mile off, you will no doubt prefer to use Jojoba oil.  It’s not that easy to get for cheap so I’ve found a contact and now you too can get Jojoba Oil on your skin here.

On Your Body!

Get those oils on your body with

  • Jojoba
  • Sweet Almond
  • Apricot Kernel

How To Carry The Oils Into Cooking

One of the most exciting things your tastebuds will meet this week is essential oils in your foods. The easiest way to incorporate the oil into your food is to drop it straight into your cooking or your cake mixture (mmm wild orange cinnamon tea cake yum!)

Salad Dressings!

If you are feeling a little more elaborate you might want to try a fresh zesty salad dressing – using oregano and lemon from your home essentials kit. In a small empty spice jar fill

  • splurge of balsamic vinegar
  • splurge of olive oil – around a quarter of the jar
  • crack some salt and pepper into the mortar and pestle and into the mix
  • squeeze of lemon juice (if available)
  • finely diced fresh garlic
  • 3 drops of lemon essential oils
  • 2 drops of oregano essential oils

This yum dressing is awesome over tomato and cucumber, any kind of salad, hot potatoes and roast vegetables – YUM

Cake Frostings!

Add oils to the frosting mix! The butter will carry the oil through the frosting because butter is a fat. We need a fat for the oil molecules to cling to so the flavour is distributed evenly and so our body can absorb it more easily. Now imagine these amazing combinations for your next desert or cake!

  • Rose essential oils with vanilla frosting!
  • How about cacao and wild orange?
  • Peppermint and chocolate…
  • Lemon and coconut cheese cake…
  • Zesty Lime cheese cake or frosting…
  • Cinnamon and Chai Tea cakeSo many options!


Bliss Balls!

Whip up a batch of nuts in the food processor, when they are fine – add a few drops of the oils you want to use then add the seeds and dried fruit and blend further


Raw Desserts!

When creating raw desserts – soak your cashews in water for several hours, blend until smooth, add the oils you want to use and the cacao butter and pour onto your raw nut base (also flavoured and fragranced with oils if you wish)


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