Essential Oils and Uses: Sore Throat

Sleep well tonight with a roller blend of Manuka, Frankincense, Eucalyptus and Vetiver. Roll it behind the ears, at the back of the neck and front of the neck and soles of the feet. Use a light sarong, scarf, knee high sock, whatever you can get, to wrap loosely around the neck and pin with a safety pin (so you don’t get twisted in the night. Wear it to sleep to keep your neck extra warm through the healing phase of sleep.


Good Morning!

Wake up bright and shiny to 3 inhalations of Lemon and Tea Tree at the same time (straight from the bottle is fine)


Eat fresh and wholesome foods when you feel unwell

Chicken soup actually helps!! You can add a drop of ginger oil to your soup to warm your throat and tummy. Up your intake of healthy fats with avocado – use your lemon drop to season – enjoy with warm crusty bread and an extra pinch of your favourite good quality salt if you feel unwell


Drink lots of water when you have a sore throat!

If your throat feels too sore to drink water – adding honey and drop of manuka can help. Sooth your throat with a cup of warm water, 2 spoons of honey, drop of lemon, drop of makuka and drop of wild orange. Or you can use a drop of the protective blend (on guard) if you like the ingredients – it really works – sometimes the clove can be over powering for me personally, when in a beverage.




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