Essential Oils and Uses: Travel Tips

Preparing for holidays can be stressful! (there’s an oil for that!) Even packing can be tiring! Sometimes we can lose focus (there’s an oil for that) So even before we’ve left to go on holidays we are already reaching for the oils. When traveling abroad or within your own nation – it’s great to have a little travel kit of mini driplet bottles – especially when holidaying Australia! We are the warriors of bush survival – bites, stings, nausea , headaches, digestive complaints, insomnia, fatigue are relieved with ease and empowerment with your own mini kit of travel oils!

Which Oils Make Holidays Even More Enjoyable?

I’m glad you asked! Refer straight to your home essentials kit! There’s a reason it’s called the ‘essentials’ kit. Diffuser and 10 oils – everything you need to get started on your journey. Well, not that you’re going to take your diffuser on this holiday vacation journey – though most of the oils you got with it we will be preparing for your little kit.

If you haven’t already got your home essentials kit simply click here for more instructions.

If you haven’t already got your little bottles to create your own travel kit click here for more instructions.

For your travel kit we will make mini bottles of oils. Some mixed with Jojoba oil and some just straight.

  • Tea Tree (bites, stings, pimple, antiseptic, skin toner) Straight
  • Lavender (for sleep, bites, burns, stings, nervousness) Mixed
  • Peppermint (for nausea, great mixed with lavender for headaches, drop of peppermint in the hands to freshen, peppermint, eucalyptus and frankincense is also a good headache blend) Straight
  • Lemon (to add to black tea or warm water, inhale with tea tree to wake up your face) Straight
  • Digestive Blend (DigestZen to ease digestion of the different foods you will eat) Mixed unless you drink DigestZen in water
  • Frankincense (so many uses) Mixed
  • Protective Blend (On Guard – great with tea tree and lemon to scare the mozzies, good for immunity) Straight

Mosquito note: I live in a tropical humid place with heaps of mozzies. I have an ongoing spray I use that is a mixture of filtered water about a teaspoon of jojoba oil and a mixture of tea tree, lavender and lemon. I use this as an all purpose body spray because it smells fresh and lovely – not like I’m out fighting mosquito crimes. In my experience this blend is great for bites and stings to relieve the itch and once it’s on the mozzies don’t seem to like it. Win Win)

Also, if you don’t have Jojoba oil, you can read more about carrier oils here!

Other Oils You Might Like To Bring!

  • Ylang Ylang (for a night out) I love it mixed with patchouli and a drop of geranium if I’m feeling especially floral! Prepare mixed
  • Vetiver or Patchouli (ground yourself, back to grass roots) I just love these 2 oils – Vetiver reminds me of patchouli with a more rounded scent – it’s very earthy! Mixed
  • Clary Sage (so good for menstrual tensions) Mixed
  • Wild Orange (activate your abundance – drops in hot chocolate) Straight
  • Neroli (aphrodisiac) Straight


Your Hair May Need Extra Care!

Different water and environmental conditions! I find a light mixture of jojoba, my favourite oil of the day all over my body, face and hair, is enough for a few days away. I also love my own body butter made from a mixture of unrefined shea and jojoba. I take it everywhere because its amazing.

If you can’t be assed making your own travel kit because you have enough on your plate, feel free to purchase one of my ready made travel kits here

Check out mozzie rollers here

Perfume blends here


wooHOOO!! Happy Holidays!!

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