Essential Oils For Wrinkles

The secret to youthful radiant skin is to first ensure we up the intake of water to our system to maintain and sustain hydration. Next we turn to our secret weapons. Our Oil kit. Depending on the moon phase or what I feel like at the time, dictates my face and body routine. I didn’t realize the oils I was intuitively using on my face are actually essential oils for wrinkles. Perhaps this is why I get told I look 10 years younger than I am which I don’t mind at all. Even though I have very large pores from teenage acne and growing up in a very hot and humid sweaty climate: my skins tone is even and smooth. I am often complimented on my youthful looks and white teeth. I attribute it to my secret weapons


Some Reasons My Skin Looks So Good Today:

  1. Don’t use foaming cleansers (these feel ‘clean’ afterwards because the skin was just stripped of all its natural oils)
  2. Don’t use alcohol toners (the clean ‘tight face’ feel is because the the little mouths of the skin were just sucked closed in shock – alcohol is extremely drying to the skin)
  3. Don’t use fancy moisturizers (the fancy stuff is usually loaded with poisonous chemical components and fake fragrance)

#WarOnWaste note: If you just bought yourself a new moisturizer yesterday then finish it. Wait until you’ve finished the tube before you check with google each of the ingredients of every moistuizer/face wash/face cleanser/exfoliant/body moisturizer you own. Make the time to search on google, each ingredient with MSDS written after it. This will give you google results for each of the chemicals ‘Material Safety Data Sheet’

If you look up the ingredients before finishing the tube, the tube will most likely go to waste because you won’t want to use it. Frankly I think pretty much anything you get at a fancy department store, supermarket or convenience store is not something I want to nourish the largest organ of my body with. … Just sayin;

Here’s an interesting fact for you:
More than 10,000 chemicals in personal care products have not been tested for human safety (that’s most of them)

Here’s another one:
There is no governing body for the cosmetics industry. There is a board of directors and they all own the biggest cosmetic companies in the world. So, as you can imagine, anything goes.

If you eat organic food or enjoy a healthy lifestyle, it’s time to read the ingredients of everything you are nourishing your body with and get into some of these secret weapons for youthful skin #dareyoutodo6and7


Secret Weapons For Youthful Skin:

  1. I DO use a flannel with warm water when I cleanse my whole face in the shower. Makeup lovers may need a little jojoba to move the mascaras – I use simply warm water to wipe my face and neck – then once I get out of the shower, on the same flannel I add a drop of tea tree I pat again over my face, neck and decolletage. The tea tree works as an astringent to close the pores after the shower.
  2. To exfoliate, I find what I have available in the kitchen. Coffee grains with a drop of preferred oil works well, as does the chamomile tea, once you’ve had a cup use the soft flowers to smoosh over your face, it’s perfect
  3. Depending on the season – in winter: I use a moisturizer I have made myself of shea, jojoba, cacao butter with essential oils of frankincense, clary sage, ylang ylang and patchouli. Last summer I used just golden jojoba on its own or whipped with shea. I tend to love the same blend of oils for my skin all year round.
  4. I DO use a spray of filtered water with jojoba and 1 drop of lemon and 1 drop geranium to maintain during the day (this is great in the bag for hot days as a spritzer)
  5. Sometimes when I want to liven up my face I will use a drop of tea tree with a few drops of water and few drops of jojoba – BOOM – wakey face
  6. Something a little bit daring is to use your herbal tea bag on your face. Yes, I’ve had a few strange looks – yet there’s nothing quite like tea bag toning for me. I miss it now that I don’t use tea bags. Peppermint is my favourite. After the cup of tea (tea bag left in or as you wish) I squeeze a little out of the bag and use it first over my eyes (lush) then wipe all over my face and neck with the tea bag.
  7. As a mask I’ll use what fruit is in season. As I’ve watched my baby grow up with gorgeous skin – I rekon it’s because she gets fruits and food all over her face and everywhere – it gives her the best mask. Just like her mama loving hot summer days at the creek with a bag of mangoes in my bikini – I’d eat the mango and encourage it to get everywhere, rub the insides of the skins all over my body and all through my hair, let it all dry a bit then jump into the crystal cool stony creek and wash it off. Pretty fabulous, highly recommend.

Something more to remember besides essential oils for wrinkles is the food we eat for longevity. What ever foods we choose to nourish ourselves with from the inside out, can also contribute to whether or not we have vibrant skin.

At the very least, Frankincense is the go to oil in your tool kit for wrinkles. Tea tree is a really clean fresh oil to use with water in a spritzer as your natural toner. In general, I like to add something else to Frankincense so it sits well on my skin. That’s why I choose the floral fragrance of Ylang Ylang, the woody warmth of patchouli – the crisp freshness of clary sage and by the end, I’ll see if the mix needs a lift with a single drop of geranium. It’s difficult to choose however if there are just 3 oils you get today – I’d recommend:

  • Frankincense
  • Tea Tree (there’s soo many uses for this oil)
  • Geranium (so very potent so 1 drop of this at a time is ample)

If you already have those 3 oils, go ahead and pick up a bottle of Clary Sage and Patchouli – you’ll be stoked.

This is just a start to radiant skin. Have fun with it!
Love the skin you’re in!



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