Why To Buy Essential Oils And Where To Get Them Now

Make the most of your days, your restful nights, your clear mind, your happy peacefully playing children: Everything is possible now that “there is an oil for that”  – It makes it even easier to keep our body, mind and spirit in check as we go about our day as a human be’ings instead of human do’ing all of the time…

The oils can gift you a next level lifestyle – the subtle aromas bring you back to the present moment. Bring the flavour to your foods and incorporate the oils into your cooking – with marinades and salad dressings – the flavours are incredible!

Delight Your Senses…

Now that you’ve found where to buy essential oils – You are invited to create your own personal account where you can come back to shop for your oils at any time as frequent or infrequently as you like for wholesale prices, no obligations.
Just be sure to choose wholesale on your way into the account.

Before you jump into your new account – now is the time to send a text to all your friends (and your mum or sister or aunty or nana) to find out what oils they want to get on your order. My mum loves Lemon oil for the puddings and Lemon Meringue Pie. Yummo, glad I got her that.  So now, while you’re waiting for them to get back to you I’ll explain a little more about your very first order. I totally absolutely recommend to get a kit with a petal diffuser included – and the widest range of oils you can afford today.


If you want just one or 2 oils and you don’t want to set up an account – that’s ok too – just send me a private message – I’ll see if I have it in stock ready to post. Prices on the Facebook page are current. Feel free to look through the selection there – or again, by setting up a free account you will have access to the product catalogue with all the products and prices at your finger tips. In any case, just by typing the first letter of the oil you want into the search bar of your new account, the products will come up ready for you to access. For wholesale price there is a minimum order of $35 for the Purple Package which will be sent to you with your single oils of choice. Once you have added the minimum order of purple package for wholesale prices you can get what ever single oils you like.

This home essential kit is the most essential kit with a diffuser and 10 oils – it includes all the ones you want in your home today to begin with. Each of the oils included in this kit can be used each day and certainly are in my household. This is the necessary collection.

This way, you can get a huge kit wholesale and sell the oils out of it for retail price if you want to.

Check out the Enrollment Kits inside the shop and download the product catalogue to find all the prices of individual oils. Or, if you know the oils you want you can simply type the first letter of the oil you want and wait for the selection to come up, slowly at first, the selection will appear.

Of course, any extra little bottles you order for your friends will give you points toward free oils in your subsequent purchases

You are ready to go to the shop and set up your account
(the first thing you will be asked to do is enter the country where you are located – you’ll need to have your credit card handy – answer the questions as prompted to set up your free account and happy shopping!)

Enjoy the oils everyone and be sure to leave a comment here to lettuce all know what you ordered!

Happy Happy!

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