Lavender Essential Oils


When you see Lavender growing wild, grab a sprig and carry it with you – when the Lavender is dried you can reactivate the oils by pressing the dried flower between your fingers and inhale deeply. You may choose to put it into a little gauze pouch next to your pillow.

If you don’t have access to wild Lavender – the oil is essential!
Lavender is a must have for the tool kit.

There are many benefits to using Lavender essential oils and relaxation is one of them. Inhale deeply to experience the smooth aromas and feel the benefits. I love a good mixture of Lavender and Peppermint to eliminate headaches and migraines. Lavender can sooth anxieties or nervous tension, relieve pain, cleanse the scalp and skin – it can benefit the bloods circulation.
If you sit down all day at the desk, Lavender (and Lemon together) is your friend

If you don’t have access to the wild Lavender plant – you can get the oil here today and enjoy the benefits of this wondrous oil on a daily basis!

Enjoy the oils!



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