The Best Place To Buy Essential Oils Online


When internet shopping, the best place to buy essential oils online is through a reputable company that can ensure the best quality essential oils with a super fast delivery. For me, it’s great to get competitive wholesale prices and be rewarded for purchases.

It’s best to go with your intuition when trying a new product. There are many to choose from. I like to sniff oils in health food stores to see what resonates with me. That’s the only way I ever knew since the 90’s is to wander in  and sniff testers, read books and learn more about each oil and their attributes. I’ve tried many health food shop brands over the years, even some exclusive to different areas of Europe while I was traveling. Patchouli and Lavender have been my most used oils over the years. Few years ago I tried one or 2 bottles through friends who were recommending different oils, I chose the one I liked best and stuck with it. My decision was based mostly on:

  • Highest Quality Available
  • Full disclosure
    – where the oils come from
    – extraction methods
    – sustainable farming
    – organic where possible
  • What sits well on my skin. One companies oil just stunk on me after a while,, sour smell
  • Clear clean aromas
  • Labelling
    – botanical name
    – appealing look
    – how long they last
    – how they wear is also important. Drips happen. White lids don’t stay white

I have a pretty fine tuned bullshit detector. It takes me about 20 minutes to run some searches and find out the nitty gritty about companies, who they are owned by,,, and just by digging a little deeper it’s possible to find quite a lot of information anyone would want want to know before investing money. I guess having worked in internet marketing for so long I’m a bit of a skeptic. It doesn’t take long to whip together a website that looks amazing and legitimate – one can only trust the product will deliver to standard. Word of mouth can be good in this instance because looking for the best place to buy essential oils online is like shopping for a holiday – we trust the pretty pictures and peoples recommendations – the oils we get to sniff when they arrive!

You may have already decided on your super favourite oils you want to buy. In that case let’s get the party started. If you haven’t decided yet feel free to browse through the oils available and the different attributes of each. Depending on what resonates for you right now – go with what you are drawn to.

Having trouble deciding? Get a kit. It includes the diffuser and all the oils that are essential in your home today.

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