where to buy essential oils

Where To Buy Essential Oils Online

More and more people around the world are experiencing first hand how essential oils can benefit the health and well being of the whole family – even their pets! So whether it’s the first time you’ve been exposed to the oils or perhaps like me, you’re a seasoned user – either way – we’ve all asked ourselves at one point,

Where to buy essential oils!

Well, even as recent as 5 years ago I wondered the same thing. I’d tried a bit of a weird brand that wasn’t up to my usual preference of clean and fresh high quality that I would usually go for – so instead of trying another brand of oil I just didn’t. For ages. Then I was offered by a friend to order a couple of bottles of Young Living on her order so I went for it. Before the oils arrived I did some more research about it – wasn’t loving the findings (you can read more about that here) and then when they arrived and I used them and I just didn’t love them they way people were raving about… What’s next? Yet another brand that was soo cheap that I wondered how the product was sourced and the labels were worse than Young Living,, that’s twice I did my best to not judge an oil by its label… Not again.
Where to buy essential oils? Hello? Anyone?

Another friend steps at the women’s circle I was attending in near Byron around 2 years ago. I was a new mum – she’d given me an Aruveydic  breast massage using ‘the oils she loves’ – oh eeee and did I love those oils too. I’d found my match! I asked her what they were and from there, the rest is her’story. I quickly learned how to create my own orders directly within my own account and the delivery was really quick.  Happy Happy!

2 years later and I’m loving my growing little family of oils and I use them on a daily basis for many purposes. If you are wondering where to buy essential oils you made it! I’ve taken the guess work out of it and referring you to an amazing product that you will absolutely love!

where to buy essential oils

Feel free to follow the links with in this post to find out more about my journey with the different oils that I tried before the one I use today.

Now that you have found where to buy essential oils – Join me! Let’s get some!

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